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Welcome to Intelligent Building Systems
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Intelligent Building Systems (IBS) is the leading supplier of software & equipment for the wall panel manufacturing industry. IBS is respected in the industry for its ability to accurately evaluate a customer's needs, from the smallest operation to the largest automated plant...and then to provide systems that make sense and offer a reasonable return on the investment. All IBS systems have the capability of being upgraded, which allows you to expand your panel equipment as you grow your business. With an IBS software lease you also get unlimited technical support and regular software upgrades...at no cost to the customer.



intelligentSOFTWARE & intelligentEQUIPMENT

Intelligent Building Systems offers assistance in the design and setup of panel plants, as well as locating and purchasing both new and used manufacturing equipment.

Innovation is central to Intelligent Building Systems philosophy; by following this commitment, Intelligent Building Systems has developed and implemented a "paperless" plant network. This network takes information from a layout designed in "IntelliBuild" and sends cutting and assembly instructions to terminals at different stations in the plant. Along with this same principle, we have recently developed an Automated Equipment line that is driven by software for accuracy.


The keystone of the system

This whole house design software has revolutionized the industry. IntelliBuild is a single design application that integrates all framing and finish components of a structure. The brilliance of IntelliBuild is its parametric modeling technology, which enables changes to a structure to be made quickly and efficiently. Parametrics allows all design modifications to instantly and completely flow through the entire structure based upon the rules the user builds into the system! With IntelliBuild, change is not only a good thing, it is the quickest part of the design process, unlike other software packages.


The control center

PlantNet is more than just an electronic version of the paperwork...it's a true paperless manufacturing system that addresses material flow, changes in scheduling and operator training. The on-screen graphics provide a powerful visual aid for easy assembly and the training of unskilled labor in minimal time. Another PlantNet advantage is labor tracking. The time for each piece of the house at each operation is recorded...including lunch and coffee breaks. Each station includes an interface that allows an operator to provide feed back to the office. For example, delay at a particular station due to lack of materials or miscuts can be remarked by the operator at the station...and that means true job costing. This information is also available to the production manager, giving him a "snapshot" of where strengths and weaknesses occur on the production floor. PlantNet reduces lead time between design and production, and offers intuitive scheduling solutions to keep an operation moving and productive.





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